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Ultimate Frisbee

Obviously you guessed it. What else could there be if I love running and biking? Of couse, I try my best going swimming as often as possible.

Finishing my first two sprint triathlons in 2010 was awesome and trying my best at the 5150 in Darmstadt 2011 was another highlight. Let’s see whether there’ll be time to practice till 2012...

Ultimate Frisbee is just great.

I first played it in India. The famous Bryan Plymale inspired me and I loved it.

It’s just like football, but instead of hurting each other it is a really fair game.

The best thing about playing frisbee you can do it basically everywhere. No matter where’s there’s a gorgeous beach or a huge parking deck. Just throw the disc and go for it.

It all took its course with running.

After being absolutely bored of playing soccer and actually being not very talented at it, I just did not do any sports. So my dad tried to make me run. I hated it. I shortened the courses we ran by running over muddy fields. It was too boring I thought. So I ran very randomly.

In India I just needed running to free my mind during the 5k run around the local lake. I began to love it. Go whenever you want, just run as fast as you want and get to know your personal limit.

Just after I came back home I was sure, I need an aim I am teasing myself for. 1st of January 2007 began my new schedule. Aim: sub 40min for 10km in April. I did it.

Currently I try to focus on triathlon but since most of my sportive friends just do cycling I spent much time with them. But my running skills surprisingly also improved quite a lot and a local cross-running cup I participated in during winter 2010/11 made me not loose my motivation. It ended up in a perfect run on April, 17th 2011. Increasing my personal best on the 10km road race from 2009 (38:23min) by 2min.

Current aims: sub 17:30min (5k) / sub 36min (10k).

personal bests:

  1. 5,000m     -     18:01min (Hildesheim, GER, 2009)

  2. 10,000m    -    36:15min (Hemsbach, GER, 2011)

Same thing here. In the beginning just a try to do just any sports I became tired of it and after a year of attending practice of a racing club, I simply felt tired of many weird people.

After running went so well in 2007’s spring, I enjoyed cycling in summer.

Since then it became part of my life. Just whenever I feel like it, I go for it. Yes, I can.

I couldn’t resist. I wanted a second, well, okay it’s the third bike. Just for any terrain, any weather and any situation.

In 2010 I finally managed to climb some real mountains down in Austria and got addicted. 2011 I did my first AlpX. ‘Addiction’ is what doctors call it from now on I guess.


So far there is skiing and surfing, which I am an absolute beginner at. I made it to four days of snow so far and it was really fun. Thanks to my personal trainer, he did a great job!

Surfing is about the same, 5-6 days and each a few hours in the water, but getting on the board in a proper wave still seems to be too much of a challenge...

Mr Plymale, Andaman Islands,5:30AM, 2006

To be continued...

No pain, no gain.